Creating a response file using the sample response file

After creating a response file, you can make changes to the response file to activate or deactivate keywords.

About this task

One of the following scenarios apply:
  • You created a response file using the Db2 Setup wizard (based on your installation) and want to make changes to it.
  • You want to create a response file based on a sample response file (db2ese.rsp located in db2/platform/samples directory, where platform refers to the appropriate operating system).

If you are installing directly from the DVD, you must store the updated or customized response file on another file system.

You can specify the name of the instance owner and the hosts to be part of a Db2® pureScale® instance in the response file. If this user does not already exist, the Db2 database product installer creates this user on your system and shared disks.


To edit a response file:

  1. If you are using the sample response file, copy the sample response file to a local file system and edit it using the Response file keywords topic as a guide.
  2. Customize the sample response file.

    To activate an item in the response file, remove the asterisk (*) to the left of the keyword. Then, replace the current setting to the right of the value with the new setting. The possible settings are listed to the right of the equal sign.

    Keywords that are unique to installation are only specified in a response file during a response file installation.