Upgrading a multi-partition instance without Db2 Text Search

To obtain the latest functionality upgrade your Db2 Text Search instance. You need to upgrade the Db2 server, instance, and all databases when upgrading the text search instance.

About this task

With version 11.5, text search supports indexes in a partitioned database environment. The following steps describe the process to upgrade version 11.1 or version 10.5 multi-partition instance for root install. Db2 Text Search should not be installed on the instances.


  1. Log in as the instance owner or a user with SYSADM authority.
  2. Install a new copy of the Db2 Text Search version you are upgrading to, and perform a custom installation.
    Db2 Text Search is an optional component that is only available when you select a custom installation.
  3. Upgrade your instances by issuing the db2iupgrade command:
    db2iupgrade /j "text_search [[,service-name]|[,port-number]]"
  4. Upgrade the existing databases by issuing DB2 UPGRADE DATABASE command.
  5. For each upgraded database, update the text server information manually.
    For more information, see the topic about updating Db2 Text Search server information.