Uninstalling your Db2 database product (Linux and UNIX)

This task provides steps for removing a Db2 database product from your Linux® or UNIX operating system.

About this task

This task is not required to install a new version of a Db2 database product. Each version of a Db2 database product on Linux or UNIX has a different installation path and can therefore coexist on the same computer.

Note: This task applies to Db2 database products that were installed with root user authority. A separate topic explains how to uninstall Db2 database products that were installed as a non-root user.


To remove your Db2 database product:

  1. Optional: Drop all databases.
    You can drop databases using the DROP DATABASE command. Database files remain intact on your file systems when you drop an instance without dropping databases first.
  2. Stop the Db2 Administration Server.
  3. Remove the Db2 Administration Server, or run the dasupdt command to update the Db2 Administration Server to another installation path.
  4. Stop all Db2 instances.
  5. Remove the Db2 instances, or run the db2iupdt command to update the instances to another installation path.
  6. Remove the Db2 database products.