Trace output

The trace file that is written by the db2drdat utility contains operational information about DRDA.

The db2drdat utility writes the following information to tracefile:
  • -r
    • Type of DRDA reply/object
    • Receive buffer
  • -s
    • Type of DRDA request
    • Send buffer
  • -c
    • SQLCA
  • TCP/IP error information
    • Receive function return code
    • Severity
    • Protocol used
    • API used
    • Function
    • Error number.
  1. A value of zero for the exit code indicates that the command completed successfully, and a non-zero value indicates that it did not.
  2. The fields returned vary based on the API used.
  3. The fields returned vary based on the platform on which Db2 Connect is running, even for the same API.
  4. If the db2drdat command sends the output to a file that already exists, the old file will be erased unless the permissions on the file do not allow it to be erased.