DRDA trace files

Before analyzing DRDA traces, you must understand that DRDA is an open standard for the definition of data and communication structures. For example, DRDA comprises a set of rules about how data should be organized for transmission and how communication of that information should occur.

These rules are defined in the following reference manuals:

  • DRDA V3 Vol. 1: Distributed Relational Database Architecture™
  • DRDA V3 Vol. 2: Formatted Data Object Content Architecture
  • DRDA V3 Vol. 3: Distributed Data Management Architecture

PDF versions of these manuals are available on www.opengroup.org.

The db2drdat utility records the data interchanged between a DRDA Application Requestor (AR) and a Db2® DRDA Application Server (AS) (for example between Db2 Connect and a host or Power Systems Servers database server).