Managing your data and applications with the right tools

IBM® Data Studio, IBM InfoSphere® Data Architect, and IBM Data Server Manager (DSM) can help you in managing your data and applications throughout their entire life cycle. Understanding of the tool functionality can help you choose the right tool for the right task.

Explore the links in the table below for information on specific solutions:
Table 1. Functions in the Optim tools
IBM tool included with Db2® products or complimentary tools Function and related references
IBM Data Studio Job management Federated databases Developing applications or routines Performance tuning
IBM InfoSphere Data Architect
IBM Data Server Manager (DSM)
Attention: Support for IBM Data Server Manager (DSM) is ending on April 30th 2021. Users are asked to migrate from DSM to the IBM Data Management Console (DMC).

Migrating from Optim tools to DSM

IBM Data Management Console (DMC)