Verifying your Db2 pureScale installation and setup

Use the steps in this task to verify your installation and setup of the IBM® Db2 pureScale Feature.

About this task

The following steps outline a procedure for you to verify your Db2 pureScale installation and setup. Perform these steps after you have created your Db2 pureScale instance and added all of the members and CFs you want in your Db2 pureScale environment.


  1. Check the installation logs for any errors.
  2. As the instance user, run the db2cluster -verify command. This command performs a comprehensive list of checks to validate the health of the pureScale cluster.
  3. As the instance user, run the db2instance -list command. This command returns a list of the members and cluster caching facilities (CFs) in your Db2 pureScale environment. If you manually installed the Db2 pureScale Feature, the status of the members and CFs in your Db2 pureScale environment will be in the STOPPED state. You can, run the db2start command to start the Db2 pureScale instance and rerun the db2instance -list command.
  4. Verify that all the members and CFs have been started (STATE = STARTED). One CF should be PRIMARY. The other CF should be in either PEER state or CATCHUP state.
    Note: When you view the status of the secondary CF using the command db2instance -list, it will be in CATCHUP state until a database is activated. Once a database is active, the process of copying data from the primary CF begins.
  5. Run the db2sampl command to create a sample database.
  6. Issue the following command to connect to the SAMPLE database:
       db2 connect to SAMPLE
  7. Issue the following statement:
       db2 "select *from EMP"
    If this command returns records, then everything is working as it should.