Verifying your client upgrade

When the upgrade of your client is complete, it is a good practice to run some tests in the new upgraded environment to verify that your client is working as expected. These tests can consist of running batch programs that connect to databases in a Db2® server or any programs or scripts that you use for benchmarking.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have network connectivity from the client to the Db2 server.
  • Ensure that the Db2 servers and instances are up and running.


To verify that your client upgrade is successful:

  1. Test connecting to all cataloged databases. The following example tests a connection to a remote database by issuing the CONNECT command:
       db2 CONNECT TO sample USER mickey USING mouse
       Database Connection Information
       Database server        = DB2/AIX64 11.5
       SQL authorization ID   = MICKEY
       Local database alias   = SAMPLE
    You need to specify a user ID and password when connecting to a remote database.
  2. If you experience problems connecting to your cataloged database, use the db2cfimp tool and the configuration profile that you saved by performing the saving Db2 clients configuration pre-upgrade task to re-create the same client connectivity environment you had before upgrade.
  3. Run your client database applications or scripts that connect to your databases to ensure they are working as expected.