Verifying upgrade of Db2 servers

When you upgrade your Db2 server, it is a good measure to run some tests on the new environment to verify that the Db2 server is working as expected. These tests can consist of batch programs that you usually run against the Db2 server or any programs or scripts that you run for benchmarks.

If you have Db2 command scripts with SQL statements, you can use the db2batch benchmark tool command to execute the statements in these scripts, and gather performance information details and statistics such as CPU time and elapsed time. This tool can work in both a single partition database and in a multiple partition database.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have the same authority level that is required to run the SQL statements in your script.


To verify that your Db2 server upgrade was successful:

  1. Log on to the Db2 server as a user with the same authority level that is required to run the SQL statements in the script.
  2. Prepare a script with SQL statements that you frequently run. If you installed the sample files, you can also run any of the sample CLP scripts.
  3. Run your script using the db2batch command.
    The following example shows you how to run this tool with the testdata.db2 sample script:
       cd samplefile-dir-clp
       db2batch -d sample -f testdata.db2 -o r 0 p 3
    where samplefile-dir-clp is DB2DIR/samples/clp on Linux® and UNIX and DB2DIR\samples\clp on Windows, DB2DIR represents the location for your Db2 version 11.5 copy, sample is the database name, and the option -o r 0 p3 indicates to print 0 fetched rows to the output and to report elapsed time, CPU time, and summary of monitoring information for each statement in the testdata.db2 script.
    The following text is an extract of the summary table output generated by the command in the previous example:
     Summary Table:
    Type      Number Total Time Min Time  Max Time  Arithmetic Mean Geometric Mean
    --------- ------ ---------- --------  --------  --------------- --------------
    Statement      1 0.281284   0.281284  0.281284  0.281284        0.281284
    Statement      2 0.073158   0.073158  0.073158  0.073158        0.073158
    Statement      3 0.000823   0.000823  0.000823  0.000823        0.000823
    Statement      4 0.155366   0.155366  0.155366  0.155366        0.155366
    * Total Entries:              4
    * Total Time:                 0.510630 seconds
    * Minimum Time:               0.000823 seconds
    * Maximum Time:               0.281284 seconds
    * Arithmetic Mean Time:       0.127658 seconds
    * Geometric Mean Time:        0.040271 seconds