Code page 737, Generic (SYSTEM_737)

This is the collation table for code page 737 databases with SYSTEM collation, and for Unicode databases with SYSTEM_737 collation.

Table 1. Characters in code page 737 in ascending sort order and their Unicode equivalents
Code page 737 UCS-2BE UTF-8
X'00' X'0000' X'00'
X'01' X'0001' X'01'
X'02' X'0002' X'02'
X'03' X'0003' X'03'
X'04' X'0004' X'04'
X'05' X'0005' X'05'
X'06' X'0006' X'06'
X'07' X'0007' X'07'
X'08' X'0008' X'08'
X'09' X'0009' X'09'
X'0A' X'000A' X'0A'
X'0B' X'000B' X'0B'
X'0C' X'000C' X'0C'
X'0D' X'000D' X'0D'
X'0E' X'000E' X'0E'
X'0F' X'000F' X'0F'
X'10' X'0010' X'10'
X'11' X'0011' X'11'
X'12' X'0012' X'12'
X'13' X'0013' X'13'
X'14' X'0014' X'14'
X'15' X'0015' X'15'
X'16' X'0016' X'16'
X'17' X'0017' X'17'
X'18' X'0018' X'18'
X'19' X'0019' X'19'
X'1A' X'001C' X'1C'
X'1B' X'001B' X'1B'
X'1C' X'007F' X'7F'
X'1D' X'001D' X'1D'
X'1E' X'001E' X'1E'
X'1F' X'001F' X'1F'
X'20' X'0020' X'20'
X'7F' X'001A' X'1A'
X'B0' X'2591' X'E29691'
X'B1' X'2592' X'E29692'
X'B2' X'2593' X'E29693'
X'B3' X'2502' X'E29482'
X'B4' X'2524' X'E294A4'
X'B5' X'2561' X'E295A1'
X'B6' X'2562' X'E295A2'
X'B7' X'2556' X'E29596'
X'B8' X'2555' X'E29595'
X'B9' X'2563' X'E295A3'
X'BA' X'2551' X'E29591'
X'BB' X'2557' X'E29597'
X'BC' X'255D' X'E2959D'
X'BD' X'255C' X'E2959C'
X'BE' X'255B' X'E2959B'
X'BF' X'2510' X'E29490'
X'C0' X'2514' X'E29494'
X'C1' X'2534' X'E294B4'
X'C2' X'252C' X'E294AC'
X'C3' X'251C' X'E2949C'
X'C4' X'2500' X'E29480'
X'C5' X'253C' X'E294BC'
X'C6' X'255E' X'E2959E'
X'C7' X'255F' X'E2959F'
X'C8' X'255A' X'E2959A'
X'C9' X'2554' X'E29594'
X'CA' X'2569' X'E295A9'
X'CB' X'2566' X'E295A6'
X'CC' X'2560' X'E295A0'
X'CD' X'2550' X'E29590'
X'CE' X'256C' X'E295AC'
X'CF' X'2567' X'E295A7'
X'D0' X'2568' X'E295A8'
X'D1' X'2564' X'E295A4'
X'D2' X'2565' X'E295A5'
X'D3' X'2559' X'E29599'
X'D4' X'2558' X'E29598'
X'D5' X'2552' X'E29592'
X'D6' X'2553' X'E29593'
X'D7' X'256B' X'E295AB'
X'D8' X'256A' X'E295AA'
X'D9' X'2518' X'E29498'
X'DA' X'250C' X'E2948C'
X'DB' X'2588' X'E29688'
X'DC' X'2584' X'E29684'
X'DD' X'258C' X'E2968C'
X'DE' X'2590' X'E29690'
X'DF' X'2580' X'E29680'
X'F2' X'2265' X'E289A5'
X'F3' X'2264' X'E289A4'
X'F6' X'00F7' X'C3B7'
X'F7' X'2248' X'E28988'
X'F9' X'2219' X'E28899'
X'FB' X'221A' X'E2889A'
X'FC' X'207F' X'E281BF'
X'FE' X'25A0' X'E296A0'
X'5F' X'005F' X'5F'
X'2D' X'002D' X'2D'
X'2C' X'002C' X'2C'
X'3B' X'003B' X'3B'
X'3A' X'003A' X'3A'
X'21' X'0021' X'21'
X'3F' X'003F' X'3F'
X'2F' X'002F' X'2F'
X'2E' X'002E' X'2E'
X'60' X'0060' X'60'
X'5E' X'005E' X'5E'
X'7E' X'007E' X'7E'
X'FA' X'00B7' X'C2B7'
X'27' X'0027' X'27'
X'22' X'0022' X'22'
X'28' X'0028' X'28'
X'29' X'0029' X'29'
X'5B' X'005B' X'5B'
X'5D' X'005D' X'5D'
X'7B' X'007B' X'7B'
X'7D' X'007D' X'7D'
X'40' X'0040' X'40'
X'24' X'0024' X'24'
X'2A' X'002A' X'2A'
X'5C' X'005C' X'5C'
X'26' X'0026' X'26'
X'23' X'0023' X'23'
X'25' X'0025' X'25'
X'2B' X'002B' X'2B'
X'F1' X'00B1' X'C2B1'
X'3C' X'003C' X'3C'
X'3D' X'003D' X'3D'
X'3E' X'003E' X'3E'
X'7C' X'007C' X'7C'
X'F8' X'00B0' X'C2B0'
X'FF' X'00A0' X'C2A0'
X'30' X'0030' X'30'
X'31' X'0031' X'31'
X'32' X'0032' X'32'
X'FD' X'00B2' X'C2B2'
X'33' X'0033' X'33'
X'34' X'0034' X'34'
X'35' X'0035' X'35'
X'36' X'0036' X'36'
X'37' X'0037' X'37'
X'38' X'0038' X'38'
X'39' X'0039' X'39'
X'80' X'0391' X'CE91'
X'98' X'03B1' X'CEB1'
X'EA' X'0386' X'CE86'
X'E1' X'03AC' X'CEAC'
X'81' X'0392' X'CE92'
X'99' X'03B2' X'CEB2'
X'82' X'0393' X'CE93'
X'9A' X'03B3' X'CEB3'
X'83' X'0394' X'CE94'
X'9B' X'03B4' X'CEB4'
X'84' X'0395' X'CE95'
X'9C' X'03B5' X'CEB5'
X'EB' X'0388' X'CE88'
X'E2' X'03AD' X'CEAD'
X'85' X'0396' X'CE96'
X'9D' X'03B6' X'CEB6'
X'86' X'0397' X'CE97'
X'9E' X'03B7' X'CEB7'
X'EC' X'0389' X'CE89'
X'E3' X'03AE' X'CEAE'
X'87' X'0398' X'CE98'
X'9F' X'03B8' X'CEB8'
X'88' X'0399' X'CE99'
X'A0' X'03B9' X'CEB9'
X'ED' X'038A' X'CE8A'
X'E5' X'03AF' X'CEAF'
X'F4' X'03AA' X'CEAA'
X'E4' X'03CA' X'CF8A'
X'89' X'039A' X'CE9A'
X'A1' X'03BA' X'CEBA'
X'8A' X'039B' X'CE9B'
X'A2' X'03BB' X'CEBB'
X'8B' X'039C' X'CE9C'
X'A3' X'03BC' X'CEBC'
X'8C' X'039D' X'CE9D'
X'A4' X'03BD' X'CEBD'
X'8D' X'039E' X'CE9E'
X'A5' X'03BE' X'CEBE'
X'8E' X'039F' X'CE9F'
X'A6' X'03BF' X'CEBF'
X'EE' X'038C' X'CE8C'
X'E6' X'03CC' X'CF8C'
X'8F' X'03A0' X'CEA0'
X'A7' X'03C0' X'CF80'
X'90' X'03A1' X'CEA1'
X'A8' X'03C1' X'CF81'
X'91' X'03A3' X'CEA3'
X'A9' X'03C3' X'CF83'
X'AA' X'03C2' X'CF82'
X'92' X'03A4' X'CEA4'
X'AB' X'03C4' X'CF84'
X'93' X'03A5' X'CEA5'
X'AC' X'03C5' X'CF85'
X'EF' X'038E' X'CE8E'
X'E7' X'03CD' X'CF8D'
X'F5' X'03AB' X'CEAB'
X'E8' X'03CB' X'CF8B'
X'94' X'03A6' X'CEA6'
X'AD' X'03C6' X'CF86'
X'95' X'03A7' X'CEA7'
X'AE' X'03C7' X'CF87'
X'96' X'03A8' X'CEA8'
X'AF' X'03C8' X'CF88'
X'97' X'03A9' X'CEA9'
X'E0' X'03C9' X'CF89'
X'F0' X'038F' X'CE8F'
X'E9' X'03CE' X'CF8E'
X'41' X'0041' X'41'
X'61' X'0061' X'61'
X'42' X'0042' X'42'
X'62' X'0062' X'62'
X'43' X'0043' X'43'
X'63' X'0063' X'63'
X'44' X'0044' X'44'
X'64' X'0064' X'64'
X'45' X'0045' X'45'
X'65' X'0065' X'65'
X'46' X'0046' X'46'
X'66' X'0066' X'66'
X'47' X'0047' X'47'
X'67' X'0067' X'67'
X'48' X'0048' X'48'
X'68' X'0068' X'68'
X'49' X'0049' X'49'
X'69' X'0069' X'69'
X'4A' X'004A' X'4A'
X'6A' X'006A' X'6A'
X'4B' X'004B' X'4B'
X'6B' X'006B' X'6B'
X'4C' X'004C' X'4C'
X'6C' X'006C' X'6C'
X'4D' X'004D' X'4D'
X'6D' X'006D' X'6D'
X'4E' X'004E' X'4E'
X'6E' X'006E' X'6E'
X'4F' X'004F' X'4F'
X'6F' X'006F' X'6F'
X'50' X'0050' X'50'
X'70' X'0070' X'70'
X'51' X'0051' X'51'
X'71' X'0071' X'71'
X'52' X'0052' X'52'
X'72' X'0072' X'72'
X'53' X'0053' X'53'
X'73' X'0073' X'73'
X'54' X'0054' X'54'
X'74' X'0074' X'74'
X'55' X'0055' X'55'
X'75' X'0075' X'75'
X'56' X'0056' X'56'
X'76' X'0076' X'76'
X'57' X'0057' X'57'
X'77' X'0077' X'77'
X'58' X'0058' X'58'
X'78' X'0078' X'78'
X'59' X'0059' X'59'
X'79' X'0079' X'79'
X'5A' X'005A' X'5A'
X'7A' X'007A' X'7A'