Testing the CLI database connectivity with the db2dsdriver.cfg file

You can test the CLI database connectivity with the db2dsdriver.cfg file to ensure that the db2dsdriver.cfg file is valid and the CLI driver is installed correctly.

Before you begin

You must ensure that the CLI driver is installed and the db2dsdriver.cfg file is created in your environment with a required data source name (DSN) entry. You can use the contents of the db2dsdriver.cfg.sample file to create the db2dsdriver.cfg file.

If you are using the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) to access the DSN entry, the db2dsdriver.cfg file must have the <ldapserver> section configured.


To test the CLI connectivity with the db2dsdriver.cfg file:

Issue the db2cli validate -dsn <dsn_name> -connect -user <username> -passwd <password> command. The <dsn_name> is the DSN in the db2dsdriver.cfg file that you are testing the connection to. The <username> is the valid user ID that is used to connect to the target data source. The <password> is the valid password that is associated with the specified user ID.


The db2cli validate -dsn <dsn_name> -connect -user <username> -passwd <password> command output displays the DSN value that you specified and the connect test status.


The following sample <ldapserver> section entry of the db2dsdriver.cfg file is used to connect to the sampleldaphost server to obtain the DSN entry:
       <parameter name="EnableLDAP" value="YES"/>
       <parameter name="LDAPServerHost" value="sampleldaphost.ibm.com"/>
       <parameter name="LDAPServerPort" value="389"/>
       <parameter name="UserID" value="cn=root"/>
       <parameter name="Password" value="password"/>
       <parameter name="BaseDN" value="O=IBM"/>
The following command output shows a successful connection to the sampledsn DSN entry in the db2dsdriver.cfg file:
$ db2cli validate -dsn sampledsn –connect


Connection Section :
  Connecting to: sampledsn
  Connect Status: success
  End Connection Section

The validation completed.