Linux and UNIX distributions and code pages

Newer versions of Linux® distributions and UNIX operating systems (such as AIX®) are starting to use Unicode (UTF-8) as the default code page for many of their locales.

If the operating system is upgraded on a system and the upgrade includes this change in the default code page, then:
  • Applications that used to run might fail because the default active code page is modified.
  • Any new database created after the operating system upgrade is created using the Unicode code page unless a code page is explicitly specified when creating a database. All existing databases retain their original code page settings; that is, the setting established during database creation.
To determine the active code page the system is running on Linux, run:
Not all of the information displayed from running this command is important or relevant, however the Db2® database manager uses the following items in the order presented to determine the active code page:
  • LC_ALL
  • LANG
To determine which code page a database is using, run:
   db2 get db cfg for database_name
and check the value for the Database code page parameter.