Upgrading a Db2 server (Linux and UNIX)

Upgrading a Db2 server to version 11.5 on Linux® and UNIX requires that you install version 11.5 copy to a new path and then manually upgrade your existing instances and databases to this new copy.

Before you begin

Before upgrading the Db2 server:

About this task

This upgrade task describes the steps for direct upgrade to Db2 version 11.5 from version 11.1 or version 10.5 regardless of the instance bit size. Review Upgrading Db2 servers with specific characteristics and determine which task applies better to your environment.


  • On Linux and UNIX operating systems except for Linux on x86, your existing 32-bit or 64-bit instances are upgraded to Db2 version 11.5 64-bit instances. The operating system and Db2 version 11.5 database product that you installed determines the instance bit size, see Support changes for 32-bit and 64-bit Db2 servers for details.

  • Additional upgrade restrictions apply. Refer to Upgrade restrictions for Db2 servers. Review the complete list.


To upgrade a Db2 server to Db2 version 11.5:

  1. Log on to the Db2 server as root.
  2. Install Db2 version 11.5.
    Run the db2setup command and select the Install New option on the Install a Product panel to install a new copy of Db2 version 11.5.
  3. Install all Db2 add-on products that were installed in the Db2 copy from which you are upgrading.
  4. Upgrade Db2 version 10.5 or version 11.1 instances from the same installation path that you indicated during the version 11.5 installation.
  5. Optional: Upgrade your DAS if you want to keep your existing DAS configuration and use new functionality available in Db2 version 11.5.
  6. Upgrade databases.

What to do next

After upgrading the Db2 server, perform the recommended Post-upgrade tasks for Db2 servers such as resetting the diagnostic error level, adjusting log space size, and rebinding packages. In addition, verify that the upgrade of your Db2 server was successful.