Adopting new version 11.5 functionality in upgraded databases

After you upgrade your Db2® server, enhance the functionality and improve the performance of your upgraded databases by adopting new version 11.5 functionality.

Before you begin

You must upgrade your Db2 server to version 11.5.


Perform any of the following steps to adopt the specified version 11.5 functionality in your upgraded Db2 environment:

  • Use index that includes an expression in its key definition to enhance the performance of queries that contain expressions.
  • Use column-organized tables in non-partitioned or partitioned environments to add columnar capabilities, improve the storage and query performance of databases. For more information, see Column-organized tables or Column-organized tables in partitioned database environments.
  • Use large row size support so that the row length can exceed the maximum record length for the page size of the table space.
  • Exclude NULL keys from indexes to reduce the size of sparse indexes and therefore improve storage and optimization.
  • Use HADR solution in Db2 pureScale® environments.

What to do next

If you upgraded your Db2 server from version 10.5, adopt functionality that was introduced in version 11.1 in your upgraded Db2 environment. See the following topic for details: