Using the Db2 trace facility for text search operations

If you need to report an error to an IBM representative, you might be asked to switch on tracing so that information can be written to a file that can be used for locating the error.

About this task

You can use the Db2 tracing facility, db2trc, to capture information about the problems that might occur while you are performing text searches or administrative operations associated with text searches.

Because system performance is affected when tracing is switched on, use the trace facility only when directed by an IBM Support Center representative or by your technical support representative.

To turn tracing on and receive information specific to Db2 Text Search, run the db2trc command using a mask with a component code for CIE (155), as follows:
	db2trc on -m '*.*.CIE.*.*'

To help diagnose severe errors, it might also help to look in the db2diag log file.

Additional tracing facilities are available for the Text Search server. For details, see the topic about logging and tracing for the Db2 Text Search server.