Updating a task in the administrative task scheduler

You can use the ADMIN_TASK_UPDATE procedure to update a scheduled task.

Before you begin

You must have EXECUTE privilege on the ADMIN_TASK_UPDATE procedure.


A task cannot be updated unless the current session authorization ID matches the session authorization ID that was recorded when the task was created. Attempting to update a task that was added by a different user returns SQL0551N. Users with SYSADM, SYSCTRL, SYSMAINT, or DBADM authority can update any existing tasks.


  1. Connect to the database.
  2. Call the ADMIN_TASK_UPDATE procedure to update arguments in the task.
  3. Commit the changes.


Every five minutes the administrative task scheduler connects to active databases to check for new or updated tasks. It then adds or updates the tasks in the scheduler task lists. At the same time, the scheduler analyzes the task to schedule its next execution.

Note: When a task is updated, its invocation counter is reset.

To retrieve information about the updated task, use the ADMIN_TASK_LIST administrative view.