Frequently asked questions about RSCT peer domain problems

The following sections provide possible solutions to problems with your RSCT peer domain.

What if the "PEER_DOMAIN" global registry variable record on the target hosts was not created?

As with any errors, review the installation log for specific details. If the log indicates that the PEER_DOMAIN global registry variable record was not created on the specified hosts, contact IBM Software Support.

What if the Tivoli SA MP resource failed to be created?

The TivoliĀ® SA MP resource failed to be created during instance creation. This error has triggered an instance rollback. See the log file to determine the reason why the Tivoli SA MP resource failed.

The log file can be found in instance_user/sqllib/db2dump/db2diag.log. Because a rollback rolls back the contents instance_user/sqllib, the file is backed up as /tmp/db2diag.log.process_id. There are multiple causes for this error. A possible reason for this is that the db2nodes.cfg is incorrect or failed to be created. The file can be found at instance_user/sqllib/db2nodes.cfg.

Fix the problem and run the db2icrt command. If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact IBM Software Support with all log and trace files.