Creating instance resources returns an error

This example scenario involves a failure while creating the Db2® instance and cluster services resources as part of the installation process. The objective is to determine the problem and diagnose the cause of the failure.


The initial symptom is the following error that is returned while in the step of creating the instance as part of the install.
Creating resources for the instance "db2inst1" has failed.
There was an error with one of the issued cluster manager commands. Refer to 
the db2diag log file and the Db2 documentation for details.

Diagnosis / resolution

  • Check the /tmp/db2diag.log for messages similar to the following
    • Line # : 6884---2610-403 The resource is stale. or
    • Line # : 9578---2610-422 Cannot execute the command on node <hostname>. The resource manager IBM.RecoveryRM is not available.
      Note: If you see these errors, this indicates that the IBM® Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms (SA MP) recovery resource manager daemon experienced a problem. The daemon serves as the decision engine for Tivoli SA MP and is identified as IBM.RecoveryRM in the system. Diagnostic data will be written by Tivoli SA MP to diagnose the problem.
  • Tivoli SA MP diagnostic data is written into the directories /var/ct/db2domain/log/mc/ (error logs) and /var/ct/db2domain/run/mc/ (core dumps) and /tmp/db2_cluster_manager_spooling/ (default trace directory).
  • IBM service and development teams use trace and core files for troubleshooting. If you would need IBM service to analyze the diagnostic data, gather the data listed in Manual trace and log file collection.
  • Follow these instructions to upload data to IBM Technical Support:
  • The IBM Technical Support website is a good source of information, where you can identify known problems based on symptoms or error log messages