Available troubleshooting resources

A wide variety of troubleshooting information is available to assist you in using Db2® database products.

Db2 documentation

Troubleshooting information can be found throughout the Db2 Information Center, as well as throughout the PDF books that make up the Db2 library. You can refer to the "Troubleshooting and support" section of the Db2 Information Center navigation tree (within the "Database fundamentals" section in the left pane of your browser window) to see a complete listing of the Db2 troubleshooting documentation.

Db2 Technical Support website

Refer to the Db2 Technical Support website if you are experiencing problems and want help finding possible causes and solutions. The Technical Support site has links to the latest Db2 publications, TechNotes, Authorized Program Analysis Reports (APARs), fix packs and other resources. You can search through this knowledge base to find possible solutions to your problems.

For support, access the Db2 Technical Support website.