What are the key value propositions of Db2 pureScale?

Db2® pureScale® is an optional Db2 feature that reduces the risk and cost of business growth by providing extreme capacity, continuous availability, and application transparency.

These features include:
  • Extreme Capacity - Start with a small cluster, grow as you need online.
  • Continuous Availability - Db2 pureScale is designed for systems that need continuous availability. If a member in the cluster fails, transactions on other members continue to process uninterrupted.
  • Application Transparency - Avoid the risk and cost of application changes. As you grow the system, you do not need to make the application cluster aware in order to get good scalability.
  • Workload Consolidation - Map multiple workloads or databases to different subset members within the same Db2 pureScale cluster with the capability to shift members from one workload to another in response to workload demands.