Installing IBM Data Server Driver package

You must install the IBM Data Server Driver package after sequencing the IBM Db2® Data Server Driver image in order to successfully run your Microsoft Application Virtualization (MS App-V) platform.

Before you begin

You must ensure that you have successfully sequenced the application virtualization of the IBM Db2 Data Server Driver image.


There are two ways to install the virtual package at desktop:

  • Manual deployment of .APP_V files:
    1. Save the App-V package.
    2. Double click the generated MSI file to install the IBM Data Server Driver package at desktop.
  • Through PowerShell script:
    1. If PowerShell is not installed then install PowerShell.
    2. Open PowerShell.
    3. Configure PowerShell.
      1. Issue the Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted command. This command loads all configuration files and runs all sripts.

      2. Issue the following command to import the App-V client, add the App-V dsdriver client package, publish it globally and mount it on local machine by caching it.
        import-module appvclientSet-AppvClientConfiguration
              -EnablePackageScripts 1Add-AppvClientPackage -Path
              "\\MyServer\AppvDS\Dsdriver_appv_package.appv" | Publish-AppvClientPackage -Global |
              Mount-AppvClientPackage -Verbose


The following to commands will issue information about published appv package:
Get-AppvClientPackage  -All

What to do next

After you install the IBM Data Server Driver, you must verify its installation. See Verifying the IBM Data Server Driver package for instructions.