Installing the SSH Server component after installing the Db2 product (Windows)

The IBM® Secure Shell (SSH) Server for Windows provides a secure platform to run commands from remote machines. If you chose not to install the IBM SSH Server for Windows component while installing a Db2 server, you can install this component manually. You require this component to use Optim™ tools.


Note: Starting in Version 11.5 Mod Pack 4, the IBM® Db2 Secure Shell Server For Windows is discontinued. For instructions on how to install OpenSSH for Windows, see Installing SFTP/SSH Server on Windows using OpenSSH. SSH is required to support some IBM Data Server Manager (DSM) administrative requests (such as instance management requests, RunSQL CLP option commands, instance/database administration requests, and job manager requests). If your database is administered through DSM, please assure that DSM Fix Pack v2.1.5.5 or later is installed before proceeding to deploy and use the Microsoft Windows SSH on your database server, Otherwise, DSM administrative functions will receive the error, "Failed to connect to SSH server with username administrator." For more information, see Removal of IBM Db2 Secure Shell Server in Windows environments.
To install the IBM SSH Server for Windows:

  1. From the Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Select the appropriate Db2 product, and click Modify. The Db2 Setup wizard opens.
  3. On the Select the features to install panel, select the IBM Secure Shell Server for Windows component.
  4. On the IBM Secure Shell Server panel, specify the SSH installation path and startup type.
  5. Proceed through the Db2 Setup wizard panels, and click Install.