wlm_admission_ctrl - WLM admission control configuration parameter

This parameter specifies whether Db2® workload manager (WLM) admission control is enabled.

Configuration type
Parameter type
Configurable online
Default [range]
The range is [YES, NO]

Usage notes

  • Possible values:
    WLM admission control is enabled. Running queries are controlled by WLM admission control.
    WLM admission control is disabled. Running queries are not controlled by WLM admission control. However, queries that are queued for admission control are allowed to run.
In a partitioned database environment, the system-wide setting of the wlm_admission_ctrl configuration parameter is based on the setting for the catalog member:
  • If the setting is changed for a non-catalog member, and if the new setting is not the same as the setting for the catalog member, the next time that the database is started on the non-catalog member, its setting reverts to that for the catalog member.
  • If the setting is changed for the catalog member, that new value is applied to a non-catalog member the next time that the database starts on the non-catalog member. Until then, the setting on the non-catalog member has one of the following values:
    • The value that was in effect when the database started
    • The value that was last explicitly set by the user for that member after the database began running on that member

In a Db2 pureScale® environment, the configuration parameter is globally defined and a new value is set immediately on all members, regardless of for which member the setting is updated.

The wlm_admission_ctrl configuration parameter can only be set to YES if the Adaptive workload manager has been enabled on the database. For more information on enabling the adaptive workload manager, refer to Enabling adaptive workload manager.

The wlm_admission_ctrl configuration parameter cannot be set to YES if at least one of the sheapthres_shr or sortheap configuration parameters are set to AUTOMATIC. An sqlcode of SQL1668N RC=12 will be returned if this is attempted.