sql_ccflags - Conditional compilation flags configuration parameter

This parameter contains a list of conditional compilation values for use in conditional compilation of selected SQL statements.

Configuration type
Parameter type
Configurable Online
Upgrade Note
  • If you are upgrading from a Db2® Version 9.8 Fix Pack 4 pureScale environment or earlier, the value of sql_ccflags is set to the value on member 0.

The value of sql_ccflags must include one or more name and value pairs, where the name is separated from the value by the colon character. Each name and value pair must be separated from the previous pair by a comma. The name must be a valid ordinary SQL identifier. The value must be an SQL BOOLEAN constant, an SQL INTEGER constant, or the NULL keyword. The maximum length of the string is 1023 bytes.

When the value of sql_ccflags is updated, the value is not immediately checked to ensure that it is valid. Checking occurs the first time that the value is used to initialize the CURRENT SQL_CCFLAGS special register; that is, when a connection to the database first references CURRENT SQL_CCFLAGS, or when an inquiry directive is encountered in an SQL statement. After updating the value of sql_ccflags, connect to the database and query the special register by using the following statement: VALUES CURRENT SQL_CCFLAGS.