opt_direct_wrkld - Optimize directed workload configuration parameter

This database configuration parameter enables or disables explicit hierarchical locking (EHL). It applies globally across all Db2® pureScale® members.

Configuration type
Applies to
  • Tables
  • Range partition tables
  • Partition indexes
Does not apply to
  • System catalog tables
  • Tables which are normally not shared across members, such as, temporary tables
Parameter type
Configurable Online
Default [range]

The opt_direct_wrkld parameter specifies whether tables or range partitions are eligible to enter the NOT_SHARED state. It applies globally across all Db2 pureScale members. This parameter is supported only for instances that are part of Db2 pureScale environments.

This parameter does not require optimization profile support.

Usage notes
  • If opt_direct_wrkld parameter is set to use AUTOMATIC, then EHL is enabled when both CF_GBP_SZ and CF_LOCK_SZ are also set to AUTOMATIC.
  • Sample usage:
    db2 update db cfg for <dbname> opt_direct_wrkld YES
  • If the value of this parameter is changed from ON to OFF while the database is online, then tables cannot change to the NOT_SHARED state. Any tables that are already in NOT_SHARED state remain in this state until another member accesses the table.