multipartsizemb – Remote storage multipart upload part size configuration parameter

This parameter specifies the part size, in megabytes (MB) when Db2® streams files to cloud object storage (COS) in multiple parts, also known as a multipart upload.

Note: This parameter is only available in version 11.5.7 or later.

When the DB2_ENABLE_COS_SDK registry variable is set to ON, Db2 remote storage communication with cloud object storage is facilitated through an embedded vendor COS SDK library.

Configuration type
Database manager
Applies to
  • Database server with local clients
  • Partitioned database server with local clients
Parameter type
Configurable - changes to this parameter require a database instance restart to take effect.
Default [range]
100 [5 - 5120]
Unit of measure
Megabytes (MB)


The part size directly impacts the maximum possible object size, since object storage vendors enforce a limit on the total number of parts in a multipart upload. Refer to the object storage vendor documentation to determine the maximum number of parts allowed. For example, if the maximum number of parts allowed by the object storage vendor is 10,000 parts, then a 100MB part size limits the maximum possible object size to 1TB.


  • This feature is supported in Linux® (x86_64) environments only.