logpath - Location of log files configuration parameter

This parameter contains the current path being used for logging purposes.

Configuration type
Parameter type

You cannot change this parameter directly, because it is set by the database manager after a change to the newlogpath parameter takes effect.

The default log path for a member is a directory within the global database directory. For example, given an instance name of dbinst, a database name of dbname, and a user named dbuser, the default log path for a member might be /home/dbuser/dbinst/NODE0000/SQL00001/LOGSTREAM0000. In a Db2® pureScale® environment, there is one LOGSTREAMxxxx directory for each member.
Important: If the current log path is not usable, Db2 switches back to the default path. This feature allows the database to come up.

In a Db2 pureScale environment, refrain from using <root_home>/db2log as the log path because this directory is used during instance deployment and modification procedures.