hadr_remote_svc - HADR remote service name configuration parameter

This parameter specifies the TCP service name or port number that will be used by the remote high availability disaster recovery (HADR) database server.

Configuration type
Applies to
  • Database server with local and remote clients
  • Database server with local clients
Parameter type
  • Configurable1
Upgrade Note
  • If you are upgrading from a Db2® Version 9.8 Fix Pack 4 pureScale environment or earlier, the value of hadr_remote_svc is set to the value on member 0.
The information that is referenced by the hadr_remote_svc configuration parameter is dependant on the role that the server or cluster is assigned.
  • On a primary, this configuration parameter references the port of the principal standby.
  • On a standby, this configuration parameter references the port of the primary.
In a Db2 pureScale® environment, this parameter is always set to NULL.

Unless you are using the Db2 pureScale feature, this parameter must have a non-NULL value in order to set up HADR. This parameter is under automatic configuration when the hadr_target_list configuration parameter is set, but you should still ensure that it has the correct value in case the integrated cluster manager, IBM® Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms (SA MP), picks up the incorrect value before it is automatically reconfigured.

1 Changes to this parameter take effect on database activation. If the database is already online, you can have changes take effect by stopping and restarting HADR on the primary database.