extended_row_sz - Extended row size configuration parameter

You can use the extended_row_sz configuration parameter to control if a table definition can exceed the maximum row length of a page.

Configuration type
Parameter type
Configurable online
Default [range]

If you are upgrading from Version 10.1 or earlier, the default value of extended_row_sz is DISABLE.

When extended_row_sz is set to DISABLE, extended row size is disabled. Existing tables with extended row size as indicated by the EXTENDED_ROW_SIZE column of the SYSCAT.TABLES are unaffected.

When extended_row_sz is set to ENABLE, extended row size is enabled. During an INSERT or UPDATE table operation, row data that exceeds the maximum row length moves a subset of VARCHAR, VARBINARY, or VARGRAPHIC data out of the row and stores it as LOB data. While the data is in LOB format, data access might be slower because additional I/O resources might be required to fetch, insert, or update the LOB data.
Note: After an extended row size table is altered, the first offline REORG enforces LONGLOBDATA. This can increase the time required to REORG the table.