enable_xmlchar - Enable conversion to XML configuration parameter

This parameter determines whether XMLPARSE operations can be performed on non-BIT DATA CHAR (or CHAR-type) expressions in an SQL statement.

Configuration type
Parameter type
Configurable online
Default [range]
Yes [Yes; No]

When pureXML® features are used in a non-Unicode database, the XMLPARSE function can cause character substitutions to occur as SQL string data is converted from the client code page into the database code page, and then into Unicode for internal storage. Setting enable_xmlchar to NO blocks the usage of character data types during XML parsing, and any attempts to insert character types into a non-Unicode database will generate an error. The BLOB data type and FOR BIT DATA data types are still allowed when enable_xmlchar is set to NO, as code page conversion does not occur when these data types are used to pass XML data into a database.

By default, enable_xmlchar is set to YES so that parsing of character data types is allowed. In this case, you should ensure that any XML data to be inserted contains only code points that are part of the database code page, in order to avoid substitution characters being introduced during insertion of the XML data.

Note: The client needs to disconnect and reconnect to the agent for this change to be reflected.