das_codepage - DAS code page configuration parameter

This parameter indicates the code page used by the Db2® administration server.

Important: The Db2 Administration Server (DAS) has been deprecated and might be removed in a future release. The DAS is not supported in Db2 pureScale® environments. Use software programs that use the Secure Shell protocol for remote administration. For more information, see Db2 administration server (DAS) has been deprecated .
Configuration type
Db2 Administration Server
Applies to
Db2 Administration Server
Parameter type
Configurable Online
Propagation class
Default [range]
Null [any valid Db2 code page ]

If the parameter is null, then the default code page of the system is used. This parameter should be compatible with the locale of the local Db2 instances. Otherwise, the Db2 administration server cannot communicate with the Db2 instances.

This parameter can only be updated from a Version 8 command line processor (CLP).