Configuration parameters that affect the number of agents

There are a number of database manager configuration parameters related to database agents and how they are managed.

The following database manager configuration parameters determine how many database agents are created and how they are managed:

  • Agent Pool Size (num_poolagents): The total number of idle agents to pool that are kept available in the system. The default value for this parameter is 100, AUTOMATIC.
  • Initial Number of Agents in Pool (num_initagents): When the database manager is started, a pool of worker agents is created based on this value. This speeds up performance for initial queries. All worker agents begin as idle agents.
  • Maximum Number of Connections (max_connections): Specifies the maximum number of connections allowed to the database manager system on each database partition.
  • Maximum Number of Coordinating Agents (max_coordagents): For partitioned database environments and environments with intrapartition parallelism enabled, when Connection concentrator is enabled, this value limits the number of coordinating agents.