cf_diaglevel - diagnostic error capture level for the CF configuration parameter

This parameter specifies the type of diagnostic errors that will be recorded in the cfdiag*.log files

Configuration type
Database Manager
Applies to
  • Db2® pureScale®
Parameter type
Configurable offline
Propagation class
Default [range]
2 [1 - 4]
Valid values for this parameter are:
  • 0 - No diagnostic data captured
  • 1 - Severe errors only
  • 2 - All errors
  • 3 - All errors and warnings
  • 4 - All errors, warnings and informational messages

The cf_diagpath configuration parameter is used to specify the directory that will contain the diagnostic message file that will be generated, based on the value of the cf_diaglevel parameter

The CF log file location will be determined in the following order:
  • cf_diagpath (DBM configuration parameter)
  • diagpath (DBM configuration parameter)
  • DB2PATH/db2dump