authentication - Authentication type DAS configuration parameter

This parameter determines how and where authentication of a user takes place.

Important: The Db2® Administration Server (DAS) has been deprecated and might be removed in a future release. The DAS is not supported in Db2 pureScale® environments. Use software programs that use the Secure Shell protocol for remote administration. For more information, see Db2 administration server (DAS) has been deprecated .
Configuration type
Db2 Administration Server
Applies to
Db2 Administration Server
Parameter type
Default [range]

If authentication is SERVER_ENCRYPT, then the user ID and password are sent from the client to the server so authentication can take place on the server. User IDs and passwords sent over the network are encrypted.

A value of KERBEROS_ENCRYPT means that authentication is performed at a Kerberos server using the Kerberos security protocol for authentication.

Note: The KERBEROS_ENCRYPT authentication type is only supported on servers running Windows.

This parameter can only be updated from a Version 9 command line processor (CLP).