TXNCOMPLETION logical data group

The table for the TXNCOMPLETION logical data group is produced by the change history event monitor, where each row represents a completed transaction event. Rows are written whenever a commit, rollback, or rollback to savepoint occurs in the same unit of work as a corresponding DDLSTMTEXEC_evmon-name table event.

Use the information in TXNCOMPLETION_evmon-name table to determine whether the DDL statements in the transaction were committed. You can then use the GLOBAL_TRANSACTION_ID, LOCAL_TRANSACTION_ID, and SAVEPOINT_ID columns in the TXNCOMPLETION_evmon-name table to find the DDL statements in the DDLSTMTEXEC_evmon-name table that were affected by a transaction completion event.

For information returned by a change history event monitor for the TXNCOMPLETION logical data group, refer to TXNCOMPLETION in Event monitor logical data groups and monitor elements.