DDLSTMTEXEC logical data group

The table for the DDLSTMTEXEC logical data group is produced by the change history event monitor, where each row represents an executed DDL statement event. In a partitioned database environment, rows are captured on the coordinator partition for the DDL execution.

Whenever a row is written to the DDLSTMTEXEC_evmon-name table, a row is written to the TXNCOMPLETION_evmon-name table for each associated transaction state change (commit, rollback, or rollback to savepoint) performed in the same unit of work following the DDL statement. You can then use the GLOBAL_TRANSACTION_ID, LOCAL_TRANSACTION_ID, and SAVEPOINT_ID columns in the DDLSTMTEXEC_evmon-name table to locate the corresponding state change operation in the TXNCOMPLETION_evmon-name table and determine whether the DDL was committed or not.

For information returned by a change history event monitor for the DDLSTMTEXEC logical data group, refer to DDLSTMTEXEC in Event monitor logical data groups and monitor elements.