Registering the database system with the Windows performance monitor

The setup program automatically registers the database system with the Windows Performance Monitor for you. To make database and Db2 Connect performance information accessible to the Windows Performance Monitor, you must register the DLL for the Db2® Performance Counters.

About this task

This process also enables any other Windows application using the Win32 performance APIs to get performance data. To install and register the Db2 Performance Counters DLL (DB2Perf.DLL) with the Windows Performance Monitor, type:
   db2perfi -i
Registering the DLL also creates a new key in the services option of the registry. One entry gives the name of the DLL, which provides the counter support. Three other entries give names of functions provided within that DLL. These functions include:
Called when the DLL is first loaded by the system in a process.
Called to request performance information from the DLL.
Called when the DLL is unloaded.