Built-in administrative routines and views for monitoring

You can access monitor data by using built-in administrative routines and views. These routines and views are a light-weight alternative to the traditional system monitor that collect and query data for systems, activities, or data objects.

Data for monitored elements are continually accumulated in memory and available for querying. You can choose to receive data for a single object or for all objects. For example, choose service class A or table TABLE1 as single objects.

When using these built-in routines and views in partitioned database environments or Db2® pureScale® environments, you can choose to receive data for a single partition, all partitions, one member, or all members. If you choose to receive data for all partitions or all members, the table functions return one row for each partition. Using SQL, you can sum the values across partitions to obtain the value of a monitor element across partitions.