Member WAITING_FOR_FAILBACK, alert, corresponding host is in INACTIVE state with alert

The output of the db2instance -list command shows that at least one member is in the WAITING_FOR_FAILBACK state with an alert and that one or more corresponding hosts are in the INACTIVE state with alerts.

This is a sample output from the db2instance -list command where there are three members and two cluster caching facilities
--        ----         -----                 ---------   ------------    -----   ----------------        ------------    -------
0         MEMBER       WAITING_FOR_FAILBACK  hostA       hostC           YES                    0                   1    hostC-ib0
1         MEMBER       STARTED               hostB       hostB           NO                     0                   0    hostB-ib0
2         MEMBER       STARTED               hostC       hostC           NO                     0                   0    hostC-ib0
128       CF           PRIMARY               hostD       hostD           NO                     -                   0    hostD-ib0
129       CF           PEER                  hostE       hostE           NO                     -                   0    hostE-ib0

--------    -----      ---------------- -----
hostA       INACTIVE   NO               YES
hostB       ACTIVE     NO               NO
hostC       ACTIVE     NO               NO
hostD       ACTIVE     NO               NO
hostE       ACTIVE     NO               NO
Member 0 experienced a problem with its home host, hostA, and is running in light mode on hostC.

Member 0 shows that an ALERT has occurred. Run db2cluster -cm -list -alert to find out what the ALERT is for.

Because hostA is unavailable, the state for the host is set to INACTIVE. Member 0 can not fail back while hostA is in the INACTIVE state; member 0 remains in the WAITING_FOR_FAILBACK state. Because restart light failed on hostB, an alert was raised as an indication to the administrator to investigate the problem.

If hostA becomes available again, its state will change from INACTIVE to ACTIVE. Member 0 will fail back to hostA, and its state will change from WAITING_FOR_FAILBACK to STARTED. This is covered in further details at .

For information about diagnosing this symptom, see the link "HostA fails, restart light works on a hostC, but not the first hostB"