Universal versus product-specific fix packs

You have two choices when it comes to fix pack installation; using a universal fix pack (all products) or a product-specific fix pack.

Universal [all products] fix pack
Similar to previous versions of DB2® database products, you can use the two-step process of installing a GA level product then applying the desired fix pack level. For Windows operating systems, you can use the universal image to install DB2 to a new location. This installation method applies to platforms where you have one product installed in your install path. For example, you might have an existing DB2 database product installation, and now want to upgrade inplace to the Fix Pack 1 level using steps such as:
  1. Download desired universal fix pack (if you have only one product installed, you can also use the product-specific fix pack, see following section).
  2. Stop all instances associated with this copy.
  3. Stop the DAS if it is associated with this copy.
  4. Apply the fix pack.
  5. Restart the instances (db2start), including the DAS (db2admin start) if it is associated with the current copy.
Product-specific fix pack
Use the product-specific fix pack to upgrade a single product, or to install to a new path. If you choose to install the product-specific fix pack, you can download the products at the desired level and then install the products in a single step. For example, if you want to install Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) at the Fix Pack 1 level, perform the following steps:
  1. Download the product at the desired level.
  2. Install the product to a new path.
  3. Test the new installation.
  4. Drop the test instances.
  5. Run db2iupdt from the new install copy to move your instances over to the new fix pack level.

This approach allows you to test the new version on your production system without impacting your production databases. You now have a 15-30 second window of downtime (the time it takes to issue the db2stop, db2 bind, and db2start commands).

Product-specific fix packs such as Spatial Extender, and InfoSphere® Federation Server are available for cases where you are adding this functionality to an already upgraded DB2 copy. If you have ESE at Fix Pack 1, you need Spatial Extender at Fix Pack 1 to install over top of the existing ESE product. The Spatial Extender level on your GA DVD is no longer sufficient. In this case, you must download the Spatial Extender Fix Pack 1 image, add the license file, run the installer, and, when the installer is finished, you will have a working Spatial Extender installation.

Upgrading multiple products installed in the same install path
In cases where you have more than one product installed to one install path, for example you have ESE and QP installed, you can either use one ESE image and one QP image to install to a new location, or you use the universal fix pack to upgrade inplace. You need to know which approach you want to use before downloading. If you only have one product installed, for example ESE, then the ESE product-specific fix pack or the universal fix pack will both update inplace.
Why would I use the universal fix pack?
  • If I want to upgrade multiple products in place.
  • If I do not remember what I have installed to be able to install the fix pack in a new location without losing my current set of features or products.
Why would I use the product-specific fix pack?
  • If I have a single product and want to save the time to download the fix pack.
  • If system downtime is costly.
  • If I need to test the new fix pack without impacting my production databases.
  • If I need the ability to go back to the previous version quickly (system downtime in case of failure).
  • If I already have a fix pack installed and need to add new features or products to the fix pack.
Note: Many of these advantages can be achieved by installing from your original media to a new location and using the universal fix pack to upgrade features or products, however, there is a cost of extra installation time. If you have already downloaded the universal fix pack, this might take less time than downloading all the pieces you need to replicate your existing copy at the desired fix pack level.