An overview of installing Db2 database servers (Windows)

This topic outlines the steps for installing your Db2 server product on Windows.


To install your Db2 server product:

  1. Review your Db2 database product prerequisites.
  2. Review Db2 database upgrade information if applicable.
  3. Download an installation image and extract the file.
  4. Install your Db2 database product using:
    • the Db2 Setup wizard.
    • a silent installation with a response file.
    You can use the Db2 Setup wizard to perform installation and configuration tasks, such as:
    • Selecting Db2 database installation type (typical, compact, or custom).
    • Selecting Db2 database product installation location.
    • Setting up IBM® SSH Server for Windows
    • Installing the languages that you can specify later as the default language for the product interface and messages.
    • Setting up Db2 Extended Security.
    • Setting up a Db2 instance (including instance user setup. By default, it is same as the DAS user).
    • Setting up the Db2 Administration Server (including DAS user setup).
    • Setting up the Db2 Text Search server.
    • Setting up Administration contact and health monitor notification.
    • Setting up and configuring your instance setup and configuration (including instance user setup).
    • Preparing the Db2 tools catalog.
    • Specifying the Db2 Information Center port.
    • Creating response files.
    • Installing additional products.