Formatting file or pipe event monitor output from a command line

The output of a file or pipe event monitor is a binary stream of logical data groupings. You can format this data stream from a command line by using the db2evmon command. This productivity tool reads in event records from an event monitor's files or pipe, then writes them to the screen (standard output).

Before you begin

No authorization is required unless you are connecting to the database, in which case one of the following authorities is required:

About this task

You can indicate which event monitor output to format by either providing the path of the event files, or providing the name of the database and the event monitor name.


To format event monitor output:

  • Specify the directory containing the event monitor files:
    db2evmon -path '/tmp/dlevents'
    /tmp/dlevents represents a (UNIX) path.
  • Specify the database and event monitor name:
    db2evmon -db 'sample' -evm 'dlmon'
    sample represents the database the event monitor belongs to.

    dlmon represents an event monitor.