Exporting event logs (Windows)

This task describes how to export Windows event logs.

About this task

From the Windows event viewer, you can export event logs in two formats:
  • log-file format
  • text or comma-delimited format.


Export the event logs from the Windows event viewer.
  • You can load the log-file format (*.evt) data back into an event viewer (for example, on another workstation). This format is easy to work with since you can use the viewer to switch the chronology order, filter for certain events, and advance forwards or backwards.
  • You can open the text (*.txt) or comma-delimited (*.csv) format logs in most text editors. They also avoid a potential problem with respect to timestamps. When you export event logs in .evt format, the timestamps are in Coordinated Universal Time and get converted to the local time of the workstation in the viewer. If you are not careful, you can overlook key events because of time zone differences. Text files are also easier to search.