Testing your Db2 Community Edition Docker image installation on Linux systems

Once you have finished installing and configuring your Db2® Community Edition Docker image on your Linux machine, you can test it against the Db2 SAMPLE database.

About this task

You will create the Db2 SAMPLE database from the command line, after which you can run simple SQL commands against it to verify that your Db2 Community Edition instance is working inside the Docker container.


  1. Enter the following commands to create a sample database and begin executing SQL commands:
    db2sampl -force -sql i
    This command may cause the following error:
    Creating database "SAMPLE"...
      Connecting to database "SAMPLE"...
      Creating tables and data in schema "DB2INST1"...
      SQLSTATE          = 38503
      Native Error Code = -1131
    [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/LINUXX8664] SQL1131N  A stored procedure process 
    has been terminated abnormally. Routine name: "SYSPROC.CREATE_SQL_SAMPLE". 
    Specific name: "CREATE_SQL_SAMPLE".  SQLSTATE=38503
      SQLSTATE          = 08007
      Native Error Code = -1224
    [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1224N  The database manager is not able to accept 
    new requests, has terminated all requests in progress, or has terminated 
    the specified request because of an error or a forced interrupt.  SQLSTATE=55032
      'db2sampl' processing complete.
    If this error occurs, enter the following commands:
    db2 deactivate db sample
    db2 drop db sample
    db2 connect to sample
    The output should now read
    SQL1013N The database alias name or database name "SAMPLE" could not be found. SQLSTATE=42705" 4
    Re-enter db2sampl -force -sql i to generate the sample database.
  2. Run db2 connect to sample.
    Once you are connected to the sample database, you can begin executing SQL statements, such as:
    db2 "select * from department" 
    to selects all the rows (* means all rows) from the table "department", or
    db2 "select * from department fetch first 1 rows only"
    to select the first row from the table "department". To change the number of rows retrieved, simply increase the number in the command.
  3. If the database returns the expected results, you can enter db2 connect reset 9 to terminate the Db2 database connection.
  4. Enter logout to end your Docker session.