Resolving service name errors when you install Db2 database products

If you choose a non-default service name or port number for the Db2 database product to use, ensure that you do not specify values that are already in use.


When you attempt to install a Db2 database product, the Db2 Setup wizard reports an error that states "The service name specified is in use".


The Db2 Setup wizard will prompt you to choose port numbers and service names when you install:
  • A Db2 database product that will accept TCP/IP communications from clients
  • A Db2 database product that will act as a database partition server

This error can occur if you choose a service name and port number rather than accepting the default values. If you choose a service name that already exists in the services file on the system and you only change the port number, this error will occur.

Resolving the problem

Take one of the following actions:
  • Use the default values.
  • Use a service name and port number that are both already in the services file.
  • Add an unused service name and an unused port number to the services file. Specify these values in the Db2 Setup wizard.