GranteeFilter IBM data server driver configuration keyword

Reduces the amount of information that is returned when the application gets a list of table or column privileges.

Equivalent CLI keyword
Equivalent IBM® data server provider for .NET connection string keyword
IBM data server driver configuration file (db2dsdriver.cfg) syntax
<parameter name="GranteeFilter" value=" 'userID1', 'userID2',... 'userIDn' "/>
Default setting:
Do not filter the results.
Usage notes:

The list of authorization IDs specified is used as a filter. The only tables or columns with privileges granted TO the listed IDs are returned.

Set the GranteeFilter keyword to a list of one or more IDs that been granted the privileges, delimited with single quotation marks, and separated by commas. For example:
    <parameter name="GranteeFilter" value="'USER1', 'USER2', 'USER8'"/>

In the preceding example, if the application gets a list of privileges for a specific table, only those columns that have a privilege granted TO USER1, USER2, or USER8 would be returned.