DisableUnicode IBM data server driver configuration keyword

Disables underlying Unicode support.

Equivalent CLI keyword
Equivalent IBM® Data Server Provider for .NET connection string keyword
db2dsdriver.cfg configuration syntax
<parameter name="DisableUnicode" value="<not set> | 0 | 1"/>
Default setting:
Unicode support is enabled.
Usage notes:

With Unicode support enabled, and when called by a Unicode application, db2dsdriver will attempt to connect to the database using the best client code page possible to ensure there is no unnecessary data loss due to code page conversion. This can increase the connection time as code pages are exchanged, or can cause code page conversions on the client that did not occur before this support was added.

If an application is Unicode (the SQL_ATTR_ANSI_APP connection attribute is set to SQL_AA_FALSE, or the connection occurred with SQLConnectW()), then the DisableUnicode keyword can be used to effect three different connection behaviors:
  • DisableUnicode is not set: If the target database supports Unicode, db2dsdriver will connect in Unicode code pages (1208 and 1200). Otherwise, db2dsdriver will connect in the application code page.
  • DisableUnicode=0 is set: db2dsdriver always connects in Unicode, whether or not the target database supports Unicode.
  • DisableUnicode=1 is set: db2dsdriver always connects in the application code page, whether or not the target database supports Unicode.