DisableUnderscoreAsWildcard IBM data server driver configuration keyword

Specifies whether the underscore character '_' is treated as a wildcard.

Equivalent CLI keyword
Equivalent IBM® Data Server Provider for .NET connection string keyword
db2dsdriver.cfg configuration syntax
<parameter name="DisableUnderscoreAsWildcard" value="0 | 1"/>
Default setting:
The underscore character matches any single character or no character.
Usage notes:
This keyword specifies if the underscore character '_' will be recognized as a wildcard or only as the underscore character. The possible settings are as follows:
  • 0 - The underscore character is treated as a wildcard that matches any single character, including no character.
  • 1 - The underscore character is treated only as the underscore character.
Setting DisableUnderscoreAsWildcard to 1 can improve performance when there are database objects with names that contain underscores.
This keyword applies only to the following catalog functions that accept search patterns as arguments:
  • SQLColumnPrivileges()
  • SQLColumns()
  • SQLProcedureColumns()
  • SQLProcedures()
  • SQLTablePrivileges()
  • SQLTables()
Note that catalog functions can only accept search patterns on particular arguments. Refer to the documentation of the specific function for details.