DisableSynonymSchemaReporting IBM data server driver configuration keyword

Controls whether CLI schema APIs report the schema name for Db2® for z/OS® synonyms in the TABLE_SCHEM column of the schema procedure result sets.

Equivalent CLI keyword
Equivalent IBM® Data Server Provider for .NET connection string keyword
db2dsdriver.cfg configuration syntax
<parameter name="DisableSynonymSchemaReporting" value="0 | 1"/>
Default setting:
0: By default, the creator of the synonym will be returned in the TABLE_SCHEM column.
Usage notes:
Valid settings:
  • 0 : the TABLE_SCHEM column of the procedure result set will contain the creator of the synonym.
  • 1 : the TABLE_SCHEM column of the procedure result set will be NULL.

You cannot access a synonym on a Db2 for z/OS server using a name qualified with a schema. For this reason, the meaning of the TABLE_SCHEM column of a CLI schema API result set is different, with respect to synonyms, when you are running against a Db2 for z/OS server.

This CLI keyword has no effect when you use CLI schema APIs against a Db2 server.

The following CLI APIs are affected by this keyword :

  • SQLColumns()
  • SQLColumnPrivileges()
  • SQLTables()
  • SQLTablePrivileges()
  • SQLStatistics()
  • SQLSpecialColumns()
  • SQLForeignKeys()
  • SQLPrimaryKeys()