ClientProvider IBM data server driver configuration keyword

Defines the LDAP client provider.

Equivalent CLI keyword
Equivalent IBM® data server provider for .NET connection string keyword
IBM data server driver configuration file (db2dsdriver.cfg) syntax
<parameter name="ClientProvider" value="LDAP_client_provider_name "/>
Default setting:
On the Windows operating system: Microsoft
On an operating system other than the Windows operating system: IBM
Usage notes:

You can use the ClientProvider keyword to specify the LDAP client provider name. The ClientProvider keyword must be defined in the ldapserver section (<ldapserver>) of the db2dsdriver.cfg file.

Valid values for the ClientProvider keyword are:
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
When running on Windows operating systems, the database manager supports using either the IBM LDAP client or Microsoft LDAP client. The Microsoft LDAP client is the default on Windows operating systems.

The ClientProvider keyword is equivalent to the DB2LDAP_CLIENT_PROVIDER registry variable. If both the DB2LDAP_CLIENT_PROVIDER registry variable and the ClientProvider keyword are specified, the DB2LDAP_CLIENT_PROVIDER registry value takes precedence over the ClientProvider keyword value.